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Novice Blog: naive solid experiment components

Gotta build my own lib...

Almost start from scratch every time launch an experiment. Write down a memo for some must-have components when build a new project. Also make a TODO list for my customize lib. Must-have factors ......

[Lab] Study off campus

Applies to cases when: you got nice chances for internship or exchange without discontinuing study

Sydney Uni got some lax regulations on this. It will be fine even you report your leaving after you already left… Where to Find Log in to Sydney Student. Goto My Study —> Course Details. Sc......

[MXNet] MXNet Notes I: Custom DataIter

Mainly focus on Custom DataIter in this section.

Custom Iter Tutorial: introduction about custom iter; method must be overwritten in custom iter. DataBatch: cast light on provide_data and provide_label attributes of the custom data iter. give a......

[Python] Numpy manual

Numpy revise

from ndarray basic operation 123456789101112from numpy import *a = arange(15).reshape(3, 5)b = array([[1,2,3], [2,3,4]])a.shape # (3, 5)a.sizea.max(axis=?)a.mean(axis=?)# use ravel to replace f......

[Hexo] Foolproof guide for blog config with HEXO

Quite simple config in 3 minutes

Spent a lot of time config this blog last year and deserted. Pick up hexo again and find it quite easy. Feel sorry for the wasted trying days. Create repo with name USERNAME/

[Hexo] Theme BeanTech

This is hexo theme Demo.

Ported Theme of Hux Blog, Thank Huxpro for designing such a flawless theme. This BeanTech theme created by YuHsuan modified from the original Porter Kaijun Live Demo Usage I publish the whole ......