Novice Blog: naive solid experiment components

Gotta build my own lib...

Posted by Geng Zhan on 2018-09-15

Almost start from scratch every time launch an experiment. Write down a memo for some must-have components when build a new project. Also make a TODO list for my customize lib.

Must-have factors


Never could make it the most solid experiment…

Must have:

  • A space saves:
    • network
    • config file
    • log file
    • Module state & Optimizer state

A few more words:

  1. network file should be a hard copy of defined network

  2. config file should be only one file where saves all the customized config

  3. log file should include all the details of what’s happening in the whole training procedure, e.g. config, peroid loss report, test results.

    NOTE: should be a log module for logging and print to stdout, especially for Python 2.x

  4. state

    *NOTE: should be a module for state (module and optimizer) saving and reloading

  • [] logging: print and log
  • [] config: detectron fashion
  • [] state tool: load and save all states


TensorBoard or Visdom should be used.

  • [] TensorBoard fashioned logger


Process the data really kills the time…

  • [] dataset: from Fast R-CNN
  • [] data loader: from Fast R-CNN
  • [] pre-process image and related annotation