[Lab] Study off campus

Applies to cases when: you got nice chances for internship or exchange without discontinuing study

Posted by Geng Zhan on 2018-01-16

Sydney Uni got some lax regulations on this.

It will be fine even you report your leaving after you already left…

Where to Find


Log in to Sydney Student.

Goto My Study —> Course Details.


Scroll down to the bottom, click the button in the Circle in pic.

Then scroll down, you are here.



Details are here (Below the first yellow circle) if you follow the guide in the previous section.

Get ready and apply



  • Offer letter from where you wanna go
  • Permission Email from supervisor


Screenshots are fine.

When ready, go to Continue. Just follow the step in the upcoming pages.

BE SURE you choose counting days leave somewhere in the next few steps.


  • If you got any scholarship, things might get a little complicated. That case is not discussed in this post, ask Uni officer.
  • It will be approved anyway, just pack your luggage and concentrate on your work.

Thank your boss